Elon Musk, no. There is no conspiracy to explain Twitter's low engagement. Summer is here.

Elon Musk seemed perplexed about what people do in the summertime. On July 30, 2022, Musk made a significant observation while logging in to Twitter.com.

Musk said, “Interaction with nearly all Twitter accounts seems to have decreased significantly over the past few weeks & days.” “Accurate?”

Many users in Musk’s responses appeared to concur.

With its 125,344 likes, 1,512 quote tweets, and 7,532 retweets, Musk’s remark lamenting low interaction on Twitter appears to have hit a nerve. It’s not entirely apparent what the Tesla CEO was attempting to say. However, it’s obvious how Musk’s supporters were receiving it based on his prior outspoken sentiments about “free speech,” restrictions, and censorship on social media platforms.

There is a sinister plot afoot. Many followers of Elon Musk believe Twitter, the firm he allegedly feigned to want to acquire and which is currently suing the businessman for abandoning the agreed-upon acquisition, is to blame for their tweets’ lack of engagement.

Is Twitter shadowbanning particular, purportedly Musk-supporting users? Shadowbans are essentially when a social media network lowers certain content or profiles in its algorithm so that fewer users see it. Others questioned whether Musk’s complaint—and his justification for wanting to break his legally binding $44 billion contract with Twitter—was the reason Twitter was working so hard to remove all the phoney accounts and bots.

Here is the reality. Because the Earth and Sun are working together to influence the weather, you might see less activity on Twitter in July 2022.

This phenomena occurs in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth from June through September. Nightfall arrives later and days start earlier. The warmest month of the year is frequently July, which falls squarely in the centre of that time. To take advantage of the nice weather and attend outdoor events, many people go outside. Summertime activities include going to music festivals, having barbecues, going to the beach, and going to amusement parks. People log off after spending long hours at their office desks using computers, then they leave for vacation.

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