This year, it's likely that you'll require Prime Video to view some NFL games.

It’s time to inform every tech-averse parent in America that football is joining the current streaming era.

In 2022, genuine, legitimate NFL games will be televised (nearly) exclusively on a streaming service for the first time ever. You’ll have to give Amazon your money and involvement through Prime Video or Twitch to watch your favourite teams compete on the route to Super Bowl LVII for 15 regular season games (and one preseason showdown).

I am aware that this may all seem a little perplexing to you or your elderly relatives who enjoy watching football. So let me explain how this will function in the new era where digital titans are monopolising live sports.

Which NFL games will Amazon stream this season?

The good news for football fans who like things to keep the same is that, starting on September 8, only one game each week will be impacted by the switch to Amazon’s streaming platforms. Specifically, throughout the regular season, Amazon will be the only place to watch the nationally televised Thursday Night Football (TNF) game. Following a few years of providing a different stream in addition to the standard TV broadcasts on NFL Network, Fox, or CBS, depending on who held the rights at the time, Amazon has made this adjustment. The schedule for the Thursday night games is available on Amazon’s website.

There isn’t a single fanbase that is protected from this streaming move because nearly every team plays in a TNF game each season. All you can do is get ready for what’s ahead for yourself and your family.

Which Amazon memberships and applications will I need?

amazon prime


I have wonderful news: This year, you can watch Amazon’s TNF games without having a Prime Video subscription. This is due to the fact that each game will also be televised live on Twitch and on free-to-air television in the local markets for the two teams involved.

Each of those choices has, of course, its limitations. Due to the lack of official Twitch apps on several popular streaming devices like Roku, using Twitch on a TV can be a bit of a nuisance. If you have a PS5 or can connect a laptop to your TV, you’ll be good. Even yet, you can still encounter a deluge of advertisements for annoying products like gaming chairs or other items your father would find offensive.

Indeed, he would be correct.

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Additionally, you won’t be able to watch on network TV if you don’t reside in one of the two cities that are represented in each game. In light of this, the simplest method to watch these games will be with a $15/mo. Prime subscription. The option to view the live broadcast should be available on Thursdays at 7pm ET by simply opening your Prime Video app on your smart TV or streaming device.

What will the appearance of these Amazon TNF streams be?

Tweet of amazon primeSince Amazon hasn’t yet televised any games under the existing arrangement, at the time of writing, this is the question that is the most difficult to answer. However, based on some of the details Amazon has disclosed, we are aware that there will be a lot of well-known faces for devoted football fans in addition to some…unique new broadcast possibilities.

Legendary play-by-play announcer Al Michaels, who recently called Super Bowl LVI in February, will share the primary broadcast booth with veteran college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit. Tony Gonzalez, Richard Sherman, and Ryan Fitzpatrick, among other veteran NFL players, will perform during the pregame, halftime, and postgame presentations. Even if watching the game on your TV could be a little more challenging than usual, if you enjoy football at least you’ll recognise some of the players.

However, Amazon is also using this as a chance to experiment with the time-tested method of airing NFL games.

The stunt comedy group Dude Perfect, which has 58 million YouTube subscribers, will host a different gaming broadcast where they’ll accept challenges, attempt stunts, and attempt to set world records while also making commentary on the games. Indeed, why not? I feel ancient reading this, but we’re all old eventually.

Amazon has also stated that there would be additional alternative streams, but has not yet specified what they will be. The idea is that there will be a combination of familiar features for even the most jaded football fans and more eccentric components for those seeking something different.

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