Madonna may be the queen of pop reinvention, but Justin Bieber is the undisputed king. He began as the baby-faced darling of your adolescent fantasies, swiftly became the public’s number one cultural nemesis, then reemerged as a figure hipsters, dance fans, pop kids, and R&B enthusiasts could all support.

The one thing that has remained constant throughout his many phases is the music. The quality has massively grown, if anything. Bieber is a superb singer, songwriter, musician, and dancer, whether you like him or not — and the majority of people currently do. His choice of collaborators is far more impressive than average. Here are Billboard Dance’s recommendations for the top 20 Justin Bieber songs from the beginning of his career to the present. Enjoy.

1. David Guetta – “2U”

Bieber continues his career as a dance vocalist by collaborating for the first time with French pop-crossover icon David Guetta on “2U.”

It is forceful and punchy, yet Bieber’s vocals lend a gentle, emotive touch. The fact that Victoria’s Secret models were hired to lip-sync the song’s teaser video was a brilliant idea, given the song’s incredibly amorous nature. The song charted in 42 countries and peaked at number 16 on the Hot 100, proving that putting one’s heart on one’s sleeve and combining two international pop superstars is a recipe for success.

2. Justin Bieber – “I’ll Show You”

“I’ll Show You” is undoubtedly one of the most intimate songs ever recorded by Justin Bieber. It is entirely his narrative. Everyone is closely observing his every action. No one knows the man behind the flashing lights, despite the fact that everyone has an opinion. Throughout his adolescence, Bieber struggled to determine the type of man he desired to be; on the second single from his 2015 album Purpose, he finds the strength to say, “Go ahead, keep watching. Now I’ve got it.” Caution: this music video may promote impulsive excursions to Iceland.

3. Justin Bieber – “Never Say Never” feat. Jaden Smith

Will Smith is one of Bieber’s greatest mentors, so it was only natural that he and Jaden Smith collaborated on the soundtrack for the remake of Karate Kid. “Never Say Never” is still a tad cheesy, but it became one of Bieber’s early career defining moments. It was originally composed as an adult song titled “Sexy Together,” but the lyrics were rewritten to represent a message of great courage and confidence, which is a much more vital message for children to hear. In 2010, the vast majority of Bieber’s followers were still young adolescents.

4. Justin Bieber – “As Long As You Love Me” feat. Big Sean

Who’s up for a little Bieb-step? It’s like dubstep, except it’s Justin Bieber. You got it. This song attempts to be somewhat dark, but it sounds more like pink sugar than black coffee. It remains a highlight of any Justin Bieber performance. The Big Sean feature is not the rapper’s best work, but it adds a little of bite to the tune, and who doesn’t like Big Sean?

5. Justin Bieber – “One Less Lonely Girl”

You are unable to resist appreciating this Justin Bieber song. Because Usher composed and produced the song. This and 14-year-old Bieber’s lovely voice are sweeter than honey on vanilla ice cream. While many of Justin Bieber’s songs are extremely sweet and don’t necessarily apply to our adult lives, “One Less Lonely Girl” is one of those childish pop songs that transcends your adolescent crush.

6. Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj – “Beauty and a Beat”

Remember when Justin Bieber’s computer was seized and the intimate film it contained was threatening to be made public? Some of us, at least, awaited the juicy details with bated breath, but it turned out to be a gimmick to generate interest in this Bieber video. However, it is a nice jam, and it signifies Bieber’s first confident stride onto the dance floor. It was produced by Zedd and Max Martin, which explains my adoration for the synth breakdown. It was originally composed for another artist, but it was Bieber’s idea to feature Minaj. Well done, sir.

7. Justin Bieber – “Company”

In the 21st century, love is difficult. You wish to become acquainted with someone, but you must maintain a healthy distance. These are the rules of the game we’ve made for ourselves, even if no one actually wants to participate. “Company” is a charming take on modern romance, a gentle invitation to draw closer while maintaining the ideal veil of sly casualness, and a darn fine pop tune.

8. Justin Bieber – “Boyfriend”

I am aware that Bieber’s reinvention campaign began with Jack Ü and the album Purpose, but for me, “Boyfriend” marked the transition from teenage heartthrob to adult-ready pop sensation. Even though he still resembles a child, this darker tone and whispered introduction are so sexual it almost hurts. Numerous comparisons to Justin Timberlake’s debut solo single “Girlfriend” have been noted, from the obvious title resemblance to the identical parking lot pimpin’ music video treatment. This was Bieber’s debut of his “swag” trap nonsense, and if we listen closely, we can hear the upcoming dance music production alliances approaching at a hundred miles per hour.

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