My5 TV Activate


My5 is a brand-new on-demand service from Channel 5 that enables you to catch up on missed episodes and watch TV shows. You can catch up on older episodes or view programmes that have been broadcast over the previous seven days. ITV and the BBC are only two of the partner broadcasters whose content is compatible with My5. Live streaming is not a feature of these two services, however My5 is free and open to all UK residents.

My5 TV Activate

Instructions For My5 TV

  • For My5 TV to function, you must go to the My5 website and log in.

My5 TV Activate

  • Next, enter the email address associated with My5.
  • You can make a new account if you don’t already have one.

My5 TV Activate

  • You can still activate My5 on your TV if you don’t already have one by clicking the icon below.
  • You can now begin watching your favourite shows on your TV after activating your account.
  • The My5 TV app is simple to use.

To Launch My5 Streaming

  • Logging into your My5 account is the first step.
  • After creating an account, select “My List” from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select your TV from the list after that, and then click “Add Channel.”
  • The next step is to choose My5 from the list.
  • You can watch My5 on your TV once you’ve added it to your Roku.
  • You are now prepared to log into the My5 app on your TV after activating your My5 account.

First, attach your My5 to your TV’s HDMI port.

  • After that, open the Roku app and enter “my5” in the search bar.
  • Select the My5 symbol after that, and you’re done. You can start watching My5 on your television once you’re connected.
  • The My5 app lets you access content from a variety of websites.
  • All you have to do is go to the Roku app and log in to add My5 to your TV.
  • Next, use HDMI to connect your My5 to the TV. When the connection is complete, a logo will appear.
  • You only need to click the icon for it to start streaming on your TV.

Free to use My5 TV Activate!

My5 TV Activate

  • You will need to create a My5 account if you don’t already have one.
  • You can link your TV to My5 apps through the My5 website.
  • You must attach your Roku to your TV if you have one.
  • Navigate to the Channels tab from there. Type “my5” into the “My5” channel. My5 will start streaming on your TV as soon as you’ve done that.
  • You may start viewing My5 on your TV as soon as you sign up for My5 on your smartphone or tablet.
  • You must attach the My5 to your television’s HDMI port in order to accomplish this.
  • Once you’ve completed this, a My5 logo will appear on the screen. Simply click the My5 icon on the Roku to turn on the My5 after you’ve connected it to the TV.
  • In order to start watching your favourite TV episodes on My5 on your Android device, you must first log into your My5 account.
  • By logging into your My5 account, you may then view all My5 channels on your television and streaming devices.
  • You may now watch your favourite My5 shows on your TV after setting up your account. Your television’s My5 service will be enabled as a result.

You may view your favourite My5 videos on other devices, even Android ones.

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