What does the future of web development hold?

The things we do online change every day. The world of web development is always evolving. Even while we may not be able to observe the daily changes as they take place, it is simple to look back over the past few months and see how many of the activities we now do are significantly different from those we did in the past.

We operate in one of the industries with the highest rate of change, therefore if we don’t prepare for it and keep up, we’ll fall behind in web development. Although it might seem tough at first, predicting where we’ll go in the upcoming months and years is actually fairly easy. Let’s take a look at some of the events I predict will happen soon.

Lower Demand for PSD to XHTML/CSS Conversion Services

As a developer who specialises in PSD to CSS/XHTML conversions, I’ve already noticed this pattern. I’m not experiencing a decline in sales, but I’m not receiving as many PSD to XHTML/CSS tasks as I once did. Most of my current job involves developing WordPress or performing specific server-side programming (such

PHP). To put it another way, web developers are beginning to concentrate more on specialised jobs like modifying open source software. As the months go by, developers like me who charge more than “PSD to HTML” conversion shops will need to keep redefining our market.

I think there will always be a need for this kind of work, but you’ll need to differentiate yourself from the businesses that charge $50 for a PSD conversion, especially if you’re charging far more than the “market price.”

Appreciation for Web Standards

Standards are even more essential now that there are so many devices and browsers available if you want to create flexible and interoperable products. Web standard-savvy coders are in high demand as more online browsers embrace open web standards and businesses switch from proprietary software to open technology. Those developers that write compliant code will profit from this tendency.

More self-work and less client work

Many developers have switched from working for customers to starting their own projects. I anticipate this to rise in the upcoming year due to the success of the iPhone and iPad as well as public APIs. Working on my own apps is much more enjoyable than developing websites for clients.

With the tools and knowledge our growing business has amassed, we can also create the next Twitter. Work on your own projects offers an added benefit. You’ll learn new abilities to employ in client work as the Web is continuously changing.

I’m now learning PHP and Cocoa with the hopes of soon being able to create iPhone applications for clients. You stay informed when you create your own projects. (Read more about completing side projects.)

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The Future of Internet Explorer Is Really Cool

That is precisely what I said. I’m excited for the new Internet Explorer 9 for a number of reasons. It will finally be a truly modern browser that supports HTML5 and CSS3 standards, which is the most crucial argument.

Being three browsers older than IE6 is another benefit of IE9. Because of my clientele, I had the good fortune to be able to stop supporting IE6, however I realise that some of you are still stuck on it. Large corporations that have been reluctant to upgrade their systems may be forced to do so because Internet Explorer 6 will soon be three browser versions old and almost ten years old.

Due to the numerous security flaws found in outdated versions of IE, users are beginning to understand that they need to upgrade their browser in order to browse more securely. Additionally, Microsoft will have to offer a number of browser choices in the UK and the rest of Europe, which should further decrease the use of IE6.

The Need for Tech Savviness and Multilingualism

Web developers frequently speak numerous languages fluently and use them on the same page or website. I believe that in order to be among the best at what you do, you must possess a wide range of knowledge in addition to specialising in or developing a narrow niche in a particular area. I’ve been able to accomplish this by concentrating on CSS/HTML and solely working with other independent contractors and web design companies.

But as soon as I started getting requests for WordPress work, I jumped straight in and started learning the API from scratch. I now consider WordPress to be one of my specialties and enjoy utilising it on almost all of the websites I build. This is an important idea that is occasionally disregarded in college education, especially in a field like ours where things are always changing.

Since all of my classmates can (and want to do) is print design, many of them are currently unemployed. We must continue to research and cultivate new skills because our markets are steadily shrinking, just in case we need to quickly transition to another industry. Understanding a variety of languages and technologies keeps things interesting and prevents burnout.

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